12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946
12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946

Business Finance Options

Whether you manage a fleet or run your own business, our finance plans are designed to allow you the peace of mind to concentrate on what’s really important - keeping your company moving forwards.

D. M. Keith Corportate are proud to offer clear advice on the finance options available for your fleet or business and are here to support you every step of your corporate journey.


If you run a small business and want to run a vehicle without worrying about its future value or the hassle of eventually selling it, a contract hire agreement could be for you.

We’ll agree on a plan of fixed monthly rentals lasting 1-4 years. At the end of the contract, you simply hand the car back, subject to mileage and vehicle condition, and start a new agreement with an upgraded vehicle.

You can budget ahead by adding servicing, maintenance and tyre costs to your agreement. It may even be possible for your business to recover the VAT on these elements.


We value our business customers. That’s why we have a finance lease package that is just as clever as your business.

A finance lease allows you to reduce your monthly rental costs or shorten the term of your contract and also enables you to share in any potential excess sales proceeds when the vehicle is sold at the end of the agreement.

If you are a VAT-registered business you may be able to reclaim a proportion of the rentals as business expenses.

We recommend you seek independent financial advice.


Lease purchase lets you lower your monthly payments, compared to hire purchase, by deferring a proportion of the vehicle cost to the end of the agreement.

Lease purchase is great for small businesses that want to keep control of their cash flow to be able to change vehicles sooner.

Speak to D. M. Keith Corporate to see how cost-effective lease hire purchase can be for you and your business.

What is salary sacrifice?

Salary Sacrifice enables you to all the benefits of a company vehicle for those who would'nt usually qualify or have opted out.

As well as being an excellent opportunity for employees to drive a brand new vehicle, but it's tax-efficient too; salary is sacrificed before the National Insurance and Income Tax therefore, it saves employees money at no cost to the employer!