Why choose D.M. Keith Corporate?

No two business users have the same requirements from their fleet. One might be seeking to engage and reward its employees with sporty or prestigious cars, another to provide transport for a short-term contract at the lowest possible cost. So the D. M. Keith Corporate team acts like a chameleon, adapting our service to best serve the needs of our infinitely variable business customer base.

Let’s use our D. M. Keith company values - Fit, Fun, Family and Fearless – to explain:

We’re FIT for your purpose

  • Largest ŠKODA retailer in the UK and in the top three for SEAT corporate
  • Dedicated Corporate team with seven dealerships across Yorkshire
  • 15 years’ proven delivery within the corporate sector, locally and nationally
  • Flexible service from fleet management outsourcing to single vehicle supply or personal contract hire. 

We’re FUN to deal with

  • An award-winning team renowned for their sense of humour
  • Because getting a new car should be a real pleasure
  • And because business doesn’t have to mean boring

We treat you like FAMILY

  • A consultative approach means you’re always in the driving seat – we base our recommendation on your needs and desires
  • Our team will support you throughout the car’s lifecycle, from test drive to servicing to disposal.
  • Affinity programmes offer added value to your business and employees
  • Just like family, there’s no such thing as a daft question

We’re FEARLESS when faced with a challenge

  • We love difficult briefs and we’ll challenge you if we think it’s in your best interest
  • In the real world, stuff happens. We rise to a challenge and won’t turn it into a drama