12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946
12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946

D. M. Keith are proud to be one of the first dealers in the UK to represent BYD, with our first location opening in Leeds, West Yorkshire with more yet to be unveiled


BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a world-renowned manufacturer of electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and solar panels & the third most valuable car company in the world. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, BYD is leading the way in the transition to a greener future. Founded in 1995, BYD is a high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. The company has won numerous awards for its cutting-edge technology, and its electric vehicles are widely recognized as some of the best on the market.

 With this collaboration, D. M. Keith will bring the latest and most advanced electric vehicles to its customers in the North of England.


BYD focuses on pioneering technology and innovation in 4 core areas:


As one of the world's most technologically advanced providers of electronic solutions, Build Your Dream's Electronics provides vertically integrated services ranging from R&D and manufacturing, through to supply chain management.


BYD is a pioneer in providing zero-emisson energy ecosystem from power generation to storage, and usage. Since 2008, BYD's solar panel and energy storage products have been exported to 6 continents, more than 20 countries, and more than 90 cities.


BYD manufacturers hybrid and battery electric passenger vehicles; as well as clean energy commercial vehicles including buses, coaches and taxis; logistics, construction and sanitation vehicles; and vehicles for warehousing, ports, airports and mining operations.


BYD is dedicated to reducing urban traffic congestion and pollution with a commitment to innovation in rail transit, such as BYD's pioneering SKYRail monorail system and the innovative SkyShuttle. BYD owns 100% independent intellectual property rights.



Launched in 2020, the revolutionary BYD Blade Battery provides new levels of safety, durability and performance.

The Blade Battery uses Lithium Iron-Phosphate as its cathode material, which offers a much higher level of safety than conventional lithium-ion batteries. LFP has inherently excellent thermal stability and significantly, is cobalt-free.

The Blade Battery has undergone the most stringent safety tests, surpassing the demands of the Nail Penetration Test, the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries.

Efficiency and longer range are further benefits of the Blade Battery, providing more power density for optimum performance and efficiencies, including faster charging and longer driving range.


e-Platform 3.0

The High-tech e-Platform 3.0 comprises the world's first mass-produced highly integrated 8-in-1 electric powertrain

Safety, high efficiency, intelligence and aesthetics. BYD's 8-in-1 electric powertrain integrates the Vehicle Control Unit; the Battery Management System, the Power Distribution Unit; the Drive Motor; the Motor Controller; the Transmission; DC-DC and the On-Board Charger.

The ability to reduce energy transfer loss with a comprehensive efficiency of up to 89% and featuring the industry's first direct cooling and heating system for power batteries increasing the thermal efficiency by up to 20% in the winter, leveraging residual heat from surroundings, the powertrain, passenger compartment and even the batteries.


Meet the dual award-winning BYD DOLPHIN. Sleek, sustainable, and sophisticated, this cutting-edge electric vehicle offers unparalleled performance and eco-conscious design. From its zero-emission driving experience to its innovative technology features, the BYD DOLPHIN redefines what it means to drive responsibly.



Active (Available for pre-order)
£ 189 Monthly Payments


Boost (Available for pre-order)
£ 199 Monthly payments


150KW Comfort
£ 229 Monthly installments


150KW Design
£ 249 Monthly payments


Engineered for efficiency and style, this compact electric vehicle seamlessly blends innovation with practicality. With its agile maneuverability and eco-friendly performance, the BYD ATTO 3 offers a sustainable solution for city driving. Experience the future of mobility with advanced features and a commitment to sustainability.



£ 299 Monthly payments


£ 319 Monthly payments


Experience unparalleled elegance fused with eco-conscious engineering in this flagship electric vehicle. From its striking design to its advanced technology, the BYD SEAL embodies innovation at every turn. Seamlessly blending performance and environmental responsibility, the BYD SEAL offers a sophisticated driving experience with zero emissions.


230 KW Design RWD
£ 599 Monthly installments


390 KW Excellence AWD
£ 639 Monthly payments

Latest BYD News


BYD stands for Build Your Dreams. Their name is based on their commitment to leveraging technological innovation to create a better life.

BYD was first established in China in 1995 and has since undergone 27 years of high-speed growth. Originally a battery manufacturer, they entered the automotive industry in 2003 and became a relentless advocate of sustainable development, which has allowed them to expand globally. Their latest venture will see them expand into the UK, where they will start selling cars in late 2022, early 2023.

As a pioneer of the battery industry, the Blade Battery was produced by BYD as an evolution of its previous battery innovations to provide enhanced safety, longer range and a longer lifespan of battery to EV users.

The BYD Blade battery was built specifically to give customers security of a battery with a long lifespan. It has a lifespan of over 740,000 miles after 3,000 charge/discharge cycles.

BYD’s exciting expansion into the UK brings a fresh set of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) into the market. BYD have released three new cars into the UK: the ATTO 3, a stylish looking SUV; The BYD DOLPHIN & the BYD SEAL

BYD is one of the only automotive manufacturers that competes with the EV giant and long-term leader in the industry, Tesla. Tesla is arguably more well-known in the UK at the moment, but that could all change with BYD emerging into the UK. However, as with most car comparisons, it really is personal preference as to which cars meet your personal needs more.

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