Honda Service & Aftersales Offers

At D. M. Keith Honda Grimsby we have a very Yorkshire attitude to money, which extends to keeping down the cost of servicing and maintaining your Honda. Although that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality: we’ll still use genuine parts, Honda trained technicians and state of the art diagnostic equipment.
But we regularly run special promotional deals on servicing and maintenance and below you’ll find all our latest offers, which we update on a regular basis.

Service special offers: lowering the cost of keeping your Honda in perfect condition.
Be ready for anything with our multi-point inspection
Don’t get caught cold!
We don't always know what the winter's got in store, but we can be prepared for it. Be it ice, rain, fog or snow, we can help you guard against it with a comprehensive Winter Health Check for a cool £14.95. £19.95 including Air Con refresh and system check.
Be ready for anything with a Winter Health Check…you’ll receive an essential multi-point winter inspection that includes:
We’ll check all lights are in working order for winter’s dark days and nights
Fast, responsive brakes are essential in winter. We’ll check your pads, discs and brake fluid so you can brake more efficiently
We’ll check the condition of your tyres and give you any advice you might need about choosing cold weather ones
We’ll make sure your blades are in good condition before winter begins
We’ll make sure it’s working properly, check there’s plenty of fluid and top-up
Winter puts extra strain on batteries so we’ll check that your battery is working well for winter
We’ll help you avoid a winter of condensation by ensuring your air-con is in good shape. *Air Conditioning refresh and system check.

Help protect your vehicle and your no-claims insurance discount with Kenwood’s dashboard camera. 
The system continuously records during your journey and switches to parking mode to record any impacts while you are away from your vehicle. 

Make sure your wiper blades are changed for the excessive Winter Weather.
Don’t get caught cold!
Right now, we’re offering 25% off our approved wiper blades. 
Did you know? Wiper blades are one of your vehicle’s safety features? They are just as important as having proper tire pressure and good brakes. If you can’t see the road though, they aren’t doing their job. Proper visibility is a key part of driving safety and driving safely. It’s beneficial to periodically inspect your wiper blades. You don’t want to see cracks in the squeegee part of the wiper. That’s the part that clears the water, snow and debris from the windshield. Over time, the sun can break down the rubber material. Car cleaners, waxes and other chemicals can also damage the rubber. Tree sap stuck on the glass can also tear the rubber.

Top up! If you run out of coolant, it will cause serious harm to the engine.
Cooling system additives work by transferring heat more efficiently through the radiator. They can be used with an antifreeze/water mix or with water alone. ... By balancing these negative acidic effects, you don't have to worry about rust, electrolysis, and deposits commonly associated with straight water mixes.

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