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D. M. Keith - our story

When Duncan Keith left the army after World War two, he had a hundred pounds and a set of tools, with which he set up a car repair business. By the 1960’s he owned a petrol station and began selling used cars. In 1976 the company took on ŠKODA, and from there, we have matched the phenomenal growth of the brand. Today we have thirteen state-of-the-art showrooms - ŠKODA, SEAT, CUPRA, Honda, Ford and Kia.

We have worked hard every day to ensure a first rate experience for our customers, and we value every single relationship. That’s why we’ve won so many Retailer of the Year awards. Let our family look after you!


Duncan Keith - Angus and Dougal’s father - started the company immediately after WW2 doing servicing and repairs. But his technical skill and business acumen meant that business blossomed and in 1972 he started selling Russian built Moskvich cars, and then Lada. But in 1976 he switched to Czech-built ŠKODA (a wise move!) which has remained the cornerstone of the company's operations ever since.


The lads were always daft about cars; here they are with their first garage which was cheap to build, but didn’t last long in Yorkshire rain! And there’s Angus grinning away in the muckiest mechanic’s overalls imaginable, and Dougal proudly showing off his Clubmans race car. That was just before he blew the engine up and replaced it with one from an Escort van…


In the early 80’s Dougal and Angus joined the company and father Duncan gradually handed responsibility to the next generation. By the time Volkswagen acquired ŠKODA in 1991 it was clear to the family that the future of ŠKODA would be very different and they decided to invest in the site at Thwaite Gate.


Since the millennium, D. M. Keith has grown from strength to strength with the group expanding with showrooms in Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and York. In 2010 our Leeds branch was named ŠKODA Retailer of the year. We extended our hand of support to good local causes like the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which we have backed for over 10 years.


Our expansion continued with the addition of the showroom in Hull. In 2015 we redeveloped all of our sites to provide state-of-the art facilities. In 2018 the business grew by a third with the addition of Grimsby ŠKODA, SEAT and  Honda. With multiple industry awards, we continue to offer unparalleled family customer service.


D. M. Keith Ltd increased its representation across Yorkshire with the acquisition of Ringways Motor Group in 2021.

We now represent six brands, with thirteen showrooms across ten Yorkshire & Lincolnshire locations. The company continues to grow with franchised partners ŠKODA, SEAT, CUPRA, Honda and now with the addition of Ford and Kia to the extensive brand portfolio.

The acquisition was a great strategic fit for D. M. Keith as both businesses are culturally aligned, with a focus on family values and a similar age with a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service with a personal touch.


Every member of the D. M. Keith team proudly wears a Clan Keith tartan tie or scarf - also known as #TeamTartan.

The Keiths were one of the most powerful of the Scottish Celtic Families. They held the hereditary office of Great Marischall (or Marshall) of Scotland from the 12th century onwards. The Great Marischall of 1305 was one of Edward the I’s four Wardens of Scotland, but at Christmas, 1308, he took the side of Robert The Bruce and was rewarded by the lands of Kintore. At the battle of Bannockburn, it was he who commanded the cavalry. In 1458, Lord Keith was created Earl Marischall. His son fought at Flodden and his standard is still reserved in the Advocates Library in Edinburgh. It was the 6th Earl-Marischall who rescued the Crown Jewel’s of Scotland and took them off to safety to his great stronghold of Dunnottar Castle: Dougal used the ‘family’ castle as the romantic place to propose to Helen, fortunately she said yes!

Family ties…

Every member of the D. M. Keith team proudly wears a Clan Keith tartan tie or scarf - also known as #TeamTartan.

It all ‘ties’ in… Each member of our staff wears the tartan tie signifying the Clan (family) Keith. That’s why we call our family ‘Team Tartan’.