It's a full house for D. M. Keith Huddersfield: every staff member at our Huddersfield showroom is now fully ŠKODA accredited

Added: 10 July 2018

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It’s a full house for D. M. Keith Huddersfield: every staff member at our Huddersfield showroom is now fully ŠKODA accredited.

We are thrilled to announce that our Huddersfield team are the first team in the country across the ŠKODA network to have a fully accredited sales & service team.

This is a fantastic achievement for Huddersfield but also for the whole D. M. Keith business as an extensive amount of work goes into the accreditation process.

Steve Lester, our Dealer Principal at D. M. Keith Huddersfield, has overseen an incredible transformation since joining us in January 2017 — with no accredited staff — to a 15-strong, fully accredited team in June 2018, following the accreditation of Alan Gooney our Sales Manager and Simon Bowers our Master Technician last month.

“I wanted the people to want to stay and work to build a successful, happy dealership. I wanted my team to know how to do their jobs 100 per cent. By investing in my team, they knew that I cared and they enjoyed coming to work” Steve said.

“The accreditation process has had an overall beneficial effect on the organisational culture. The training offered by the NLC has increased the overall knowledge and skill level in the business. On a recent visit to the dealership, it was great surprise to see Simon, our Master technician on the service desk booking the customers in. Simon spent a week on the front counter ahead of his final master technician assessment to increase his understanding of the customer experience and customer interaction and round off his knowledge of the service core process” said Rachel Thomson, our Human Resources Director.

“Currently Huddersfield has the highest staff retention in the group and as of the 2017 annual employee survey, 88 per cent of the employees at Huddersfield said they were given opportunities to train and develop their skills and experience” she added.

Tracey Taylor, ŠKODA People Development Manager commented: “We are so pleased for Steve and his team at Huddersfield.  Their achievement demonstrates that a focus and commitment on people development and accreditation can deliver true results for the business and customers.” 

ŠKODA UK rewarded the team with treats for the whole dealership in recognition of this fantastic achievement and the hard work they put in.

This is a great testament to the whole D. M. Keith team and optimises all of the hard work our teams put into their roles on a daily basis.  This latest milestone follows our win at the ŠKODA Retailer of the Year event back in February in where we were award the People Excellence Award.