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Introducing the new addition to the ŠKODA family!


Introducing the new addition to the ŠKODA Family!

Incorporating a fresh new design, not just for the car but the brand itself, the ŠKODA VISION 7S, is the start of a new journey and features the next era for electric vehicles.

“Over recent months, we have collaboratively developed an entirely new design language. I’d like to thank my team for their great dedication and outstanding work on this intensive and exciting project.   We’ve refined time-proven solutions and courageously broken new ground. The minimalist, functional design conveys a sense of security and radiates strength while at the same time enhancing the aerodynamics of the vehicles we’ll be adding to our portfolio in the future.”


Oliver Stefani, Head of ŠKODA Design

Inside the car, there is a 14.6 -inch touchscreen, which is the largest ever installed in a ŠKODA and on the steering wheel you will find a touchpad at the bottom, that can be used to control some functions when the car is stationary. 

To add to the list of amazing features, the bumpers, wheel arches and the floor are made from recycled tyres, which is a big leap forward in the environmental manufacturing world. The interior trim is also sustainable. This is coated with a fine, matt metallic layer and thus conserves valuable resources. The fabrics are made of 100% recycled polyester yarns.


The VISION 7S has nine vertical air outlets in the rear bumper. A control element in bright Flashy Orange is located in the centre of both the front and rear. These can be pulled out to serve as hooks. In addition, they can be used to safely cut off the vehicle’s high-voltage current from the outside, if required.


Having a car to suit your needs is very important, so to accommodate this, the car has movable interior parts that allow you to switch from Drive mode to Relax mode, to suit every driving style. Not only does the car cater to the driver but for everyone, including children who can face their parents whilst being in the most secure place within the vehicle.

At the bottom, it bears the new ŠKODA wordmark, which also appears on the tailgate and is lit up in the same way as at the front of the vehicle. The matt metallic paint finish in the bright colour Explorer Green underscores the minimalistic look of the VISION 7S. This is also the first ŠKODA with a matt body colour.


Here is a video showing a close-up of this impressive car.

Also featuring ŠKODA's new logo

We are looking forward to having this car in our showroom and experiencing the amazing features it has to offer.