SEAT names new large SUV....

Added: 19 February 2018

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SEAT names new large SUV.... 

SEAT have announced the name of the latest large SUV to join the already award winning range.  The new addition will be the third SUV in the range joining the Ateca & the Arona. 

The winning name is TARRACO. 

Tarraco will be the name of SEAT’s new large SUV – as voted by more than 146,000 fans of the brand in 136 countries.

Tarraco recieved 51,903 (35.52%) of the votes, followed by Avila, which was supported by 41,993 (28.74%) of the participants, Aranda, in third place with 39,321 (26.91%) of the votes, and Alboran, with 12,907 (8.83%).  

The name ‘Tarraco’ is aligned with SEAT’s values and perfectly matches the personality of the new model. The city’s modern day name is Tarragona and, as the oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula, it was one of the major metropolises of Hispania during the Roman Empire. This Mediterranean city is a legacy of culture, youthfulness, history and architecture: values that SEAT identifies with and conveys through its vehicles.

Tarraco is the first SEAT model name to be chosen by popular vote, and the 14th Spanish place name used to designate a brand model – a trend SEAT has followed since the Ronda in 1982.

We will keep you updated with details of this exciting new model over the coming months.