Why choose D.M. Keith Corporate to supply your SEAT?

OK, so you’d like a SEAT. That’s understandable: it’s a hugely attractive range with very strong driver appeal and Volkswagen Group’s proven reliability and build quality.

But you’re a business user: you have to choose with your head as well as your heart, and it’s likely that you’re confused by the limitless number of options available: what type of finance, maintenance or not, how long a contract?

So let’s use our D. M. Keith company values - Fit, Fun, Family and Fearless – to explain why you should choose us to supply it:

We’re FIT for your purpose

  • Largest SEAT retailer in the UK and in the top three for SEAT corporate
  • Dedicated Corporate team with seven dealerships across Yorkshire
  • 15 years’ proven delivery within the corporate sector, locally and nationally
  • Flexible service from fleet management outsourcing to single vehicle supply or personal contract hire

We’re FUN to deal with

  • An award-winning team renowned for their sense of humour
  • Because getting a new car should be a real pleasure
  • And because business doesn’t have to mean boring

We treat you like FAMILY

  • A consultative approach means you’re always in the driving seat – we base our recommendation on your needs and desires
  • Our team will support you throughout the car’s lifecycle, from test drive to servicing to disposal.
  • Affinity programmes offer added value to your business and employees
  • Just like family, there’s no such thing as a daft question

We’re FEARLESS when faced with a challenge

  • We love difficult briefs and we’ll challenge you if we think it’s in your best interest
  • In the real world, stuff happens. We rise to a challenge and won’t turn it into a drama