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CUPRA has always been the sportiest expression of SEAT. Now the time has come for CUPRA to gain its own identity and spirit by becoming a new entity.

The new logo has been designed taking inspiration from tribal civilizations and balances different worlds and elements. It brings together passion, precision, style and performance with courage and determination.

More than just a sports car logo, it's a symbol of all that the CUPRA stands for.

Performance meets style.
It’s a rare combination. An SUV with the heart of a sports car. But also, a sports car that knows what elegance is. This is the CUPRA Ateca. 

We are more than a car brand. We are CUPRA.
We are a contemporary vision of sportiness, We are not exclusive, but rare.
Not industrial, but ingenious, Not bespoke, but special. Not tuned, but customisable.

We redefine.
High performance. Craft and individuality. The world of racing. Sophistication and design.

A sophisticated interior; style is a touch away. 2.0 TSI 300PS DSG-Auto 4Drive

Driving Experience button. Digital Cockpit.
One button. Six different drive modes: Comfort, Sport, Individual, Offroad, Snow and exclusive CUPRA mode. Unlimited driving pleasure like no other. A 10.2" LCD screen in your line of vision with everything you need to find your way, from average speed to navigation. The exclusive CUPRA view allows you configure the system to meet your every need.
Top view camera. Park Assist.
Cameras on the front, rear and exterior mirrors for an advanced 360° view of your CUPRA Ateca. We don’t do anything by halves. 12 sensors that steer the CUPRA Ateca into the tightest of parking spaces. We like to get things done right first time.