SEAT Winter Health Check only £14.95

Be ready for anything with our multi-point inspection

Don’t get caught cold!

We don't always know what the winter's got in store, but we can be prepared for it. Be it ice, rain, fog or snow, we can help you guard against it with a comprehensive Winter Health Check for a cool £14.95. £19.95 including Air Con refresh and system check.

Be ready for anything with a Winter Health Check…you’ll receive an essential multi-point winter inspection that includes:

We’ll check all lights are in working order for winter’s dark days and nights

Fast, responsive brakes are essential in winter. We’ll check your pads, discs and brake fluid so you can brake more efficiently

We’ll check the condition of your tyres and give you any advice you might need about choosing cold weather ones

We’ll make sure your blades are in good condition before winter begins

We’ll make sure it’s working properly, check there’s plenty of fluid and top-up

Winter puts extra strain on batteries so we’ll check that your battery is working well for winter

We’ll help you avoid a winter of condensation by ensuring your air-con is in good shape. *Air Conditioning refresh and system check

For further information about the Winter Health Check, please add your details to the following contact form, select your nearest D. M. Keith SEAT Retailer and one of our service team will contact you shortly.  Alternatively, please call

SEAT YORK 01904 231388

GRIMSBY YORK 01472 348 348

SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to make changes to specifications, offers, products and prices without notice. The information in this brochure can therefore be given as guidance only. While SEAT makes every effort to ensure that information and prices are accurate. Winter health check £19.95 includes air-con refresh (normally £29.99 RRP) Excludes air-con regas service.

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