12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946
12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946

Value your car in 3 simple steps!

1. Enter your registration
2. Answer a few questions
3. Get your car valuation

How it works


Enter your reg and mileage

Simply enter your car's registration and mileage to start your free online valuation today.


Answer a few questions

So that we can give you the most accurate valuation possible, we’ll ask a few questions to find out what condition your car is in.


Get your FREE valuation

We combine expert knowledge and the latest market value to get you the most accurate valuation of your vehicle.

Why value or sell your car with us!

Whether it’s time for you to upgrade your car or you simply don’t need your vehicle anymore, you will want to know how much your car is worth. Our free car valuation tool provides you with a valuation in under 30 seconds - simply enter your reg plate and a few details about your car for an accurate valuation. If you’re happy with your valuation, you can sell your car in quick and easy by booking an appointment at your local branch,

What affects the value of your car?

  • Age and mileage - Newer cars and cars with a lower mileage retain more of their value.
  • Condition - Imperfections such as scratches, dents, wear and tear will reduce your car’s value.
  • Previous owners - Cars with fewer previous owners are generally valued higher.
  • Service history - A car with a full service history will retain more of its value than a car with a partial or missing one.
  • Current market prices - We use live market data to provide a fair and accurate price.

What happens on the day?


We inspect your car

Our handover specialist will check your car is road worthy and matches the details you gave.


We collect your paperwork

Please bring your V5 logbook, spare keys and any service history for us.


We take it from there

No matter whether your car is delivered or collected, we’ll take the part-ex off your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will happily pay the finance off, and any equity will be transferred back to yourself. If there is negative equity you would be liable to pay this.

No, there are no hidden fees if you sell your vehicle to D. M. Keith.

In order to give you your final valuation, we will give you a thorough appraisal of your vehicle, ensuring the best price possible.


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