12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946
12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946

Why us

Why us / Our Promise

Meet the Team

The team comprises a group of business experts with a proven track record of over 15 years. Led by Lance Myhill, the team has won several awards and has a reputation for very high service levels combined with a Yorkshire desire to save our customers’ money!

Corporate Service: Our guarantee

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably visited one of our showrooms. We hope you enjoyed your visit and we demonstrated our professionalism.

You should have been:

  • Given a full walk-around of our range of vehicles
  • Been Offered a test drive
  • Logged onto our database so we can update you with any product or service developments, if you wish

We are committed to make sure we deliver our promise, of high levels of service and real professionalism from initial consultation through handover, servicing and vehicle replacement. And if we don’t deliver at any stage, please contact us direct and we will address any issues personally, because accountability isn’t an option with us: it’s our business.

Pre-contract vehicles: You don't have to compromise

If you’re buying or leasing a vehicle with D. M. Keith Corporate, occasionally it won’t be available immediately, especially if you’ve ordered something special and it’s wending its way through the factory. Not a problem. We run an extensive fleet of Rental vehicles available until yours arrives. As a valued customer of D. M. Keith, you will benefit from a sizeable discount on published prices. So you get the exact car you want, and we’ll get your mobile immediately.

Extended: Test drives

We’d always recommend a test drive before making your choice, and we know that often the average 30 minute test drive just isn’t enough - much better to live with the vehicle for a couple of days before making such an important decision. Because of our large stocks, D. M. Keith have over 80 demonstrator vehicles available for a test drive. Or if you want to evaluate the car for longer, we can arrange a seven day test drive direct from the manufacturer (For Limited Companies).


We're FIT for purpose

We are proud to be the largest independent Škoda retailer in the UK and in the top three for SEAT corporate.

D. M. Keith Corporate are a dedicated team with fifteen dealerships across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


We're FUN to deal with

We are an award-winning team, renowned for our sense of humour.

Business doesn't have to be boring experience and we ensure your car buying experience will be a positive and enjoyable one.


We treat you like FAMILY

Our consultative approach means you're always in the driving seat - we base our recommendation on your needs and requirements. We will support you throughout the car's lifecycle, from test drives, servicing and disposal.



We love difficult briefs and we'll always be transparent with you if we think it's in your best interest. We rise to every challenge, and are proud to be fearless.