12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946
12 month warranty on all used vehicles
Family owned since 1946

Motability have increased their New Vehicle Payment to £750

What is the New Vehicle Payment and how will I get it?

Car prices are rising due to a global shortage, making new cars on the Scheme costlier. To assist, we introduced a New Vehicle Payment of £750. For scooters and powered wheelchairs, it's called a New Product Payment and is £100. Use our tool to check eligibility and timing. If eligible, there are two ways to receive the payment.

We can send it to your dealer

This helps with your Advance Payment.

If your Advance Payment exceeds £750, you must pay the remaining amount to your dealer. If it's less than £750, we'll send you the difference after your vehicle is received. During the ordering process, your dealer will ask if you want to use your New Vehicle Payment for the Advance Payment. If you've already ordered and want to apply your New Vehicle Payment to the Advance Payment, please contact your dealer directly.

The New Vehicle Payment can only be used to cover the cost of your vehicle's Advance Payment and cannot be used for adaptations or optional extras.

Get payments quicker

To expedite payments, add your bank details:

  1. Visit the 'Personal details' section of your online account.

  2. Select 'Payments by bank transfer' to add your information.

The New Vehicle Payment solely covers the cost of your vehicle's Advance Payment and excludes adaptations or optional extras.

What you can do in your account?

Start your application when it’s best for you

Apply online whenever it suits you and save time at the dealer. Track your application and see your PIN.

Get payments quicker                    

Add your bank details to get payments like the Good Condition Payment or End of Contract Payment faster.

Add or change drivers              

Tell us who will be driving your vehicle. You can change these at any time.    

Manage your lease flexibly in your account

See how an online account can help you stay organised and in control of your lease.